Giving back to our community.


The items that no longer serve you can be donated or recycled. 

I believe it is beneficial to support wonderful local non-profit organisations who do great things for our community. They will benfit greatly from any donations. It is great to help out people who are in need and can give your unwanted items a new life.

Below are some of the organisations that I support through donations.

KonMari festival in New Zealand

The Koha Shed

Our life purpose The Koha Shed is to help alleviate the negative effects of poverty in our community. If this is your passion also please support us in our charitable works to fulfil this purpose. / Facebook group pages (Porirua, Wainuiomata)

Kiwi Community Assistance

Kiwi Community Assistance (KCA) helps communities throughout Wellington by rescuing surplus food and household goods, and redistributing it to frontline agencies working directly with people in need. / KCA

A large number of families in the Porirua area who are on the bread line. Unfortunately, this means lack of heating, food, and other necessities for many of our families. There are a number of charities operating in the Porirua area. Our school is well served by the Kiwi Community Charity who provide food for our school.” – Principal of a school in Porirua

Foster Hope

Foster Hope Charitable Trust believes that every child in foster care deserves to know that their community cares about them. We demonstrate this by providing them with a backpack of essential items, they are a symbol of our support and love for both the children and their caregivers. Many of these children arrive at their new placements with little more than the clothes on their backs. / Foster Hope Wellington

Birthright Wellington

Birthright Hutt Valley provides a service of support, advice, guidance and assistance to one-parent families under stress or in need, with the aim of providing the children in these families access to life-skills development experiences and opportunities for advancement that would not normally be available to them. / birthright Wellington, Hutt Valley

If you know any charities & causes in our community who could benefit from donations, please contact me.