Tidying & Organising Packages

On average, you normally need 3 to 6 tidying sessions to complete all five categories – clothing, books, papers, miscellaneous items(komono) and sentimental items. It really depends on the amount of items you own and the size of your home.

With the KonMari method, it is recommended to follow the right order of the categories so it helps to refine your sensitivity to what brings you joy as you progress through the categories.

KonMari Organising Service Packages

Throughout the process, you gain a deeper understanding of the method and of yourself, which you will be able to continue using after the lessons.

“I look forward to guiding you through the tidying journey and helping you create a joy-filled home and life using the effective Japanese KonMari Tidying Method™.”

Erika Maki

"Kia Ora" Package

"Kia Ora" package includes 15 hours of tidying sessions. The hours can be split into 3 ~ 5 days.  It is suitable for people who live alone or in smaller homes. It would also be great for those who would like to work on their own to finish up the category after each lesson.

Day 1: Clothes category
Day 2: Book & Paper categories
Day 3: Miscellaneous & Sentimental

"Kiwi" Package

The 5 Day Package includes five full-day tidying lessons. 25 hours in total. It is suitable for a family living in a medium-size home. 

Day 1: Clothes category
Day 2: Book & Paper categories
Day 3: Miscellaneous 
Day 4: Miscellaneous Part 2
Day 5: Sentimental

"Moa" Package

This is the ultimate package. This includes 50 hours of tidying sessions. It is the most ideal package for a big family in larger homes. The hours can be shared between family members.

25 hours = myself
15 hours = partner
10 hours = children

What's included in the packages?

  • In-person guided exercise with a digital workbook to define your ideal life

  • Basic storage supplies (boxes)
  • Hands-on support for organising by category

  • Email & text support in-between sessions

  • Additional hours can be booked at a discounted rate based on the package selected

  • Frequently asked questions can be found here.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.